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Seeing the World, Through the Eye of My Lens

Alina Renditiso Photography


Alina Renditiso

Alina Renditiso was born in Naples in Italy in 1956. She studied philosophy at Bologna University and wrote a thesis on the diaries of the feminist icon Anais Nin. Bologna remained her home, while she worked as a librarian at the university’s age-old library working with information literacy and librarian training. In 1984 she also had a five year stint in Luanda, Angola working in Africa for the United Nations.


Alina is an avid traveler and explorer of the world’s cultures, people and places in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, returning again and again to places that have touched her heart in Brazil and Greece.


Alina has always been a photographer, and she is always with her camera, observing and recording, whether she is walking in the rolling hills of Italy or the white-washed alleyways of Greek villages, or a crowded market in India. Her approach to photography is adventurous and experiential; capturing what unfolds before her eyes as she moves through the world. While this site is organized by subject for the purpose of clarity, Alina's method is less linear or specific by subject. 


Before the advent of digital photography she created hundreds of photographic albums, each weaving a narrative that tells the story of the people and places where she has traveled. 


"Photography for me, is a way of observing the reality before my eyes, and a  way of communicating how I see the world. It helps me respond to someone I resonate with, or something that delights me, anything or anyone, that evokes a deep feeling inside."--Alina

About Alina's work a poet says:

"With each photograph one discovers what is close and simple and yet becomes extraordinary."--Antonella Kubler




Alina Renditiso

The photographs in this site are only a small sample of the thousands of photos Alina takes regularly, so check often as new work is added.


For permission to print or use Alina's photographs for yourself or your project, please contact Alina by email. To obtain a photograph a PayPal payment can be arranged, after which Alina will forward a high resolution image to your mailbox.


To identify photographs use the number and the page name. For example: Photo no. 31 in "Still Life."

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