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"I've always been curious and interested in street art and posters and wall grafitti. I like the way artists combine graphics with the surfaces and colors of the background.

For a few years now a collective of socially active artists have put up graphics that are particularly beautiful. Their work is social and political and it communicates a world vision of equality and social justice. This collective is named Cheap and they organize many of the outdoor exhibitions in Bologna. Below is some of their work"--Alina



For more in formation about this collective of street artists

click the link below:

April 25th, The day of freedom from fascism celebration:

During the first Pandemic lockdown in Italy, instead of taking to the streets on April 25th. which is celebrated every year on Via del Pratello, a call on Facebook* collected photographs of people who might have attended the celebration. The photographs were made into posters from Facebook and exhibited in the streets of Bologna.


*Organized by Pratello R'esiste on Facebook, an informal organization. 

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